Sayer is another variety of Dates that are cultivated in Iran on large scales. The fruit (fully ripened date) has a dark brown (sometimes red) skin, and it is probably the sweetest of all dates.
Its long-standing customers include North America, Russia, Europe, New Zeeland, Australia, and China.
Some of the well-known characteristics of Sayer dates include:
• Low water content (nearly 18%)
• Low cellulose content
• High natural sugar (mostly fructose): making a natural powerhouse of energy. Diabetes should be careful around them.
• Great longevity (15 months in room temperature): a great attribute for long-distance shipment and long-term storage
• Easily pitted: the stone (seed) is easily separated from the flesh.


Sayer Date Description
Sayer Date (Persian:  سایر‎; also called Sair Date & Stamaran Date) is one of famous Iranian dates types which about 40% of the annual share of Iranian dates exports belongs to sayer date.This date type has great popularity & efficiency in home as a delicious snack and in industries of baking, cooking, baby foods as a healthy sweetener and flavoring ingredient because of high sugar (above 75%) and low cellulose. The semi-dry texture, pleasant black-brown color, delicious flavor, low moisture and good source for iron and potassium and full of minerals and antioxidants are all help us to select sayer dates as a health snack. ABYAR is a Reliable Supplier of sayer dates. we will guarantee the quality, all of dates are sorted, cleaned, washed and dried completely and then packed in bulk & retail/private label by machines. if you have any interest, Please Advise Us.

Sayer Date Specification
• Product: Sayer Date / Sair Dates
• Variety: Semi Dry
• Color: Black-Brown & Black
• Shape: Pitted & Un-Pitted & Chopped & Block
• Grade: Super Select, Select,B-Grade, GAQ, FAQ
• Moisture: Max 16 %
• Quality:
• 100% Natural
• 100% Pure
• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Dairy-Free
• Non-GMO
• No Oil
• No Food Colors
• No Preservatives
• No Chemical/Artificial Additives
• Usage:
• Directly:  As a super healthy snack or mixed with other nuts
• Indirectly: As a healthy ingredient for the industries of baking, cooking, baby foods
• Packaging:
• Retail Package: 100g | 200g | 250g | 375g | 400g | 500g | 1kg
• Bulk Package: 5 kg & 10 kg colorful cardboard boxes
• Shelf Life:At room temperature about 18 Months, under interim fumigation
• Place of Origin: Iran
• Shipment: By dry container of 20ft and 40ft