Piarom Date is the fruit of Piarom palm date grown in Southern Iran. Its distinctive features from other Iranian dates include:
• An attractive appeal due to its dark, brown colored, thin, wrinkled skin sticking to the meat (doesn’t peel off when washing, a great quality)
• Bigger fruit (relative to other varieties)
• Less moisture content and more flesh
• Having a chocolaty texture (for this reason it is called by many the “chocolate date“)
• Greater longevity (a great attribute for long distance shipments)
• Great for stuffing (a great advantage due to superior texture, making it a healthy snack mixed with nuts)


Undoubtedly, date lovers know the name of Piarom date very well. Piarom dates are the best quality and best Iranian date which is known not only in Iran but also in the world as one of the two expensive and bestselling dates in terms of taste and odor.
Piarom date is a unique date only cultivated in Haji Abad region of Hormozgan province, Iran, a city in southern Iran. In fact, Piarom dates are cultivated in an area that requires special and mountainous climates and relatively salty lands, and this climate is only available in Haji Abad for the growth of these dates. Still elsewhere in the world they have not been able to grow these dates.
Piarom date is the most delicious and the best date in the world. Piarom date is very resistant and this is due to the climatic conditions in which it has grown.
Piarom dates are the most commercially and economically valuable dates in Iran and have a very good market both inside and outside Iran. Most of the Piarom dates are exported outside of Iran every year.

Specifications of Piarom date
The Piarom date is a semi-dried date palm with a very thin skin that has a hard-to-pinch fruit. The color of the dates is dark brown and after washing the dates look very nice and special.
Date sugar is high in Piarom, but it is in the category of naturally occurring sugars, mainly fructose, which is easily consumed in the metabolism and absorbed very quickly in the body. It should be kept in mind that these dates do not have much syrup, but it is best to wash them well before use.
As we have explained, Piarom date palms are cultivated only in southern Iran and in Haji Abad city and are mainly in cities like Sarchahan, Tazraj, Madanuyeh, Shahdadi, Baraftab, Daragah, Gahkam, Ganj, upper and lower Dehestan and many other villages and cities in these areas, Piarom date palm crop yields a lot.

Palm of Piarom dates
Piarom palm date is very resistant and grows well in salty soil. To reproduce this palm, it must be used as an offshoot of the tree, known as fossils in Hajiabad city. Removing fossils and moving them to a new space requires a lot of skill and is done by one person known as a master that having a lot of experience.
To move the fossil or offshoot to another area, it must first be carefully cut off from the mother plant and its root should not be harmed. The fossil should then be transported to a pre-prepared section with soft soil and filled with soft soil around it.
This has led to Piarom date palm cultivation become one of the most difficult cultivation of date palms. This fossil will need to be treated later to grow, but it should be kept in mind that fossils need at least 10 years to grow into a mature tree.
Given that the palm of Piarom growing site has relatively cooler climates than other palms, the Piarom dates is later than other dates and the harvest is usually late October.
palm of Piarom date needs pollination. This will make Piarom date palm bear fruit. Pollination of the palm tree is done in late winter and early spring, and the better the pollination conditions are, the better the quality of the date.
Piarom dates start to change from green to yellow in early August. This makes the bitterness become less and slightly sweeter. In September, my dates turn to Rutab (semi-ripped) and the fruit color turns brown.
However, many people also consume Piarom date Rutab, But mainly for Piarom dates to be at their best and fully mature, the moisture should be allowed to lose, this makes Piarom dates mostly ready for October cultivate and the fruit is dark brown.
Piarom date is a very delectable date and is easily marketed. Piarom date has a low percentage of moisture when it comes to ripe date and therefore has long-term storage conditions.