company services

Abyar company exports date ingredients to over 20countries, and counting. We take pride in our partnerships that span across continents. We offer end-to-end logistics whether it concerns warehousing, re-packing, or transportation by air, road, and sea. We provide risk management and trade finance solutions to support growth and strengthen long-term partnerships with both our suppliers and customers.


Fulfillment & Distribution Services
Once your product is packaged, palletized, and ready for shipping, can simply ship your products. Or we can handle all of your fulfillment and distribution requirements with our supply chain management services. Our 3rd party logistics solutions encompass inventory management, packaging, order fulfillment, distribution, and other operations necessary to get your product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Contract Date Marking & Lot Coding Services
If required, will date and lot code each of your individual retail products as we package them. Once in bulk display cartons and then in master shipping cases, we will clearly print date codes, batch codes, production codes, and product identification as needed.

Date analysis with advanced devices in Abyar company.

In date analysis, the appearance characteristics of dates, fruit size, color, texture, cleanliness and flawlessness of the fruit from lesions such as burns, worms, sugar on the surface of the fruit and sourness and rotten microorganisms are the characteristics of the appearance of good dates. . Another indicator of date analysis is the amount of sweetness. Sucrose is the main sugar of some species. While sugar is less found in some other species. The total sugar in good dates should be 50% in fresh dates and 75% in dried dates. Quality control and analysis of dates in the laboratory of Abyar Company, according to international standards and many tests are performed to measure the quality of dates.