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kalute date


Kalute date or Kalote date is one of the humid or semi-humid dates in Iran and has relatively moderate sap. Dates have a soft meaty texture and are easily chewed in the mouth. Originally red

kalute date2022-02-03T10:24:55+03:30

Kabkab Dates


Iranian Kabkab Date is a wet Date which has semi-dried texture,and also it is long ,row, dark brown. its is very delicious, sweet and full of syrup Kabkab dates as large dates, soft sweet

Kabkab Dates2022-05-03T21:43:23+04:30

Sayer Dates


Sayer is another variety of Dates that are cultivated in Iran on large scales. The fruit (fully ripened date) has a dark brown (sometimes red) skin, and it is probably the sweetest of all

Sayer Dates2022-05-03T21:43:09+04:30

Zahedi Dates


Zahedi date is also considered a semi-dry variety cultivated in Iran. It is also known as the elixir of youth for its great nutritional profile (including vitamins, proteins, iron, manganese, calcium, high fiber, low

Zahedi Dates2022-05-03T21:42:55+04:30

Piarom Dates


Piarom Date is the fruit of Piarom palm date grown in Southern Iran. Its distinctive features from other Iranian dates include: • An attractive appeal due to its dark, brown colored, thin, wrinkled skin sticking

Piarom Dates2022-05-03T21:42:41+04:30

Rabbi dates


The main and the most important products in Sistan and Baluchestan province are Rabbi or Pakistani. Which is economically important in this region.thre are many dates type in Iran. Imamaran dates, Shahani dates, Kabkab

Rabbi dates2022-05-03T21:42:24+04:30

Mazafati Dates


Mazafati Date is a well-known variety of date famous for its sweat, delicious, soft, fleshy meat, and bright, black skin. In some regions, it is known as Mazafati Rutab, which refers to the third

Mazafati Dates2022-05-03T21:41:55+04:30
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